The Benefits Of A Live/Work Space

The Benefits Of A Live/Work Space

In 2013, Statistics Canada released a report stating that 1.1 million Canadians worked from home in 2011. Whether they’re self-employed or working for someone else, the number of people working from home has been on the rise since 2000.

What are the benefits of a live/work space?

1. Better Working Conditions
Working from home provides a more comfortable setting that is tailored to suit your style and needs. Less noise and less stress can lead to a much happier workspace.

2. No Commute
Say goodbye to rush hour, to sitting in standstill traffic, and to busy transit lines. All the time you previously spent commuting to/from work can now be spent working! Bonus: you’ll save money on gas.

3. Improved Work/Life Balance
Working from home provides you with more time with your family and the flexibility to create your own schedule. No more rushing your early morning workouts or late night yoga sessions; create a schedule that works best for you.

4. Less Distractions, Increased Productivity
Without the distractions of working in a busy office setting, you’ll be able to tackle your duties more efficiently. Spend less time focusing outwards and spend more time focusing on the tasks at hand.

This is why we’ve incorporated a number of Live/Work Homes at Quattro 3! We understand the need and desire for homes that provide comfortable workspaces, so we’ve designed an innovative floor plan that we’re confident, will meet the needs of those who work from home.

What makes our Quattro 3 Live/Work units stand out?

1. Living Features:
a. Our Live/Work units range from 729-998 square feet
b. Large windows that offer lots of natural light
c. Spacious balconies with beautiful planters that offer privacy
d. 1.5 bathrooms
e. Each unit comes with 2 parking stalls
f. Access to Quattro’s gym and stunning courtyard

2. Work Space Features:
a. Our Live/Work units offer their own separate entrance (walk-up)
b. Loft layout
c. Flexible layout to accommodate various types of home businesses

3. Location Features:
a. Quattro is located within 7 minutes walking distance of Gateway Skytrain station
b. Located in the heart of a fast-growing community of local businesses – Surrey City Centre
c. Modo car is available on site for Quattro homeowners

Interested in learning more about our Quattro 3 Live/Work homes? Contact us at our office or visit our Live/Work show home today!
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Or Visit: #114-10768 Whalley Boulevard, Surrey BC